The strangest place in the world

Since when does this island appear on maps?

Despite the island’s isolation, Socotra has long been a stopping point on trade routes in the Indian Ocean. In 2001, a team of scientists discovered a cave on the island with various drawings, inscriptions, and landmarks. Scientists discovered after the study that these effects were left by sailors crossing between the first century BC and the sixth century AD.
Although the famous traveler Marco Polo did not set foot on the island with his feet, his travels remember what he heard about people during his travels. The sailors told him that the people of the island were working with ancient magic, although they owe it to Christianity. But this may be just a rumor for the sailors because he never saw the island with his own eyes.

How many local breeds on the island?

Socotra Island is an oasis of biodiversity in the Middle East. The island looks gorgeous after the rainy season when all exotic plants bloom and sing exotic birds.
A United Nations team of scientists studied the island’s natural life in the 1990s and counted more than 700 breeds not found anywhere else in the world. No wonder the island looks different from anywhere else!
One of the most famous and strongest plants on the island is the Dragon Blood Tree or Dragon Blood. The branches of the tree are close together and look like bifurcated roots. Locals call this tree the blood of the brothers.
The island also has a rich indigenous animal life, mostly birds and reptiles. Unfortunately, many native bird species are threatened with extinction due to the entry of some wild cat breeds to the island with travelers.
But the good news is that since July 2008 UNESCO has added the island to the list of natural heritage sites in the world.

Who lives Socotra Island?

Most of the archipelago’s inhabitants live on the main island of Socotra, especially in the central city of Hadiboh, while the rest of the islands are either inhabited with few or no inhabitants.
The island’s inhabitants speak Socotra, a Semitic language found only on Socotra. The island’s population is engaged in fishing, livestock and palm cultivation. The island’s main exports are tobacco, fish, dates, and ghee.

How can I go there?

Socotra Airport was opened in 1999 and opened the island to the outside world as there are regular flights between Socotra Airport, Aden Airport, and Sana’a.
But touring the island is another issue. There are no roads on the island because paving these roads will damage the natural environment.
There is also a port on the island and ships link between the port of Socotra and the port of Mukalla in Yemen, but these ships are used to transport goods and not passengers.



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