The strangest place in the world

Socotra Island Yemen The island of Socotra Yemen consists of four islands in the Indian Ocean near the Gulf of Aden, namely: Socotra and is considered the largest, and Samha, and Abdul Kori, and school, an area of ​​3796 km², and its capital Hadibo, and was named in the Roman era Du Scridis or Island of happiness; This island of sacred goods used in worship, such as incense, peer, frankincense, myrrh, and patience, has been classified as one of the World Heritage Sites on the UNESCO list and is dubbed one of the strangest exotic areas in the world.

The reasons that made Socotra the strangest place in the world

Some of the reasons that made Socotra the strangest place in the world include:

  • For vegetation cover: one-third of the plants on the island there are only exclusively, and are of the old, perennial and rare species. Of these, ten of the 18 endangered species have been recorded, and palm forests, the nation, Ikcha trees, and wild pomegranates are common.
  •  Insects: There are many insects on the island that we do not see only, such as butterflies day and night butterflies, in addition to eighty species of flying insects of all kinds.
  • Marine and aquatic life: Dolphins swim on the shores of the island with spectacular views, and its waters abound with a variety of fish of various shapes and colors, as well as aquatic organisms, such as crustaceans, crabs and sponges, where the island has sixty unique species, as well as shells and people Coral reef, where there are 352 species, in addition to huge green turtles scattered on its shores.
  • Birds: It is home to many different birds and is classified in 291 species, including Hawk Socotra Hawam, bird of the paradise, and rare bird Alhajja is known for his beautiful voice.

Monuments in Socotra

  • Places of interest in Socotra Island include:
     Caves: The island has fifty-two caves and caves distributed throughout the place, and one of the largest of these cave (Jneiba likeness), which is characterized by the magnificence of the limestone formations, and stalagmites and descendants created by the hand of the Creator, and the cave (Haoq Uhud), which is one of the strangest caves in the world for what it contains The cave was a religious temple in the past, and the cave (De Jeb), and these caves are still a haven for the inhabitants of the island and their livestock in times of storms and hurricanes.
  •  Waterfalls: They are constantly flowing all year round, such as the Dungen waterfall, the state, and the mummy, which form a beautiful nature reserve environment.


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