[LOOK] How to travel with your dog

Bed and Breakfast or Hotels for dogs

The bed and breakfast are not usually equipped for dogs. However, some exist. It’s important to know how to prepare for the trip before you finish your plans. It will take some effort to find a dog-friendly site. Once you do this, make sure you follow all the rules.

Camping with dogs

Camping with a dog can be the perfect way to spend time With others with communication with nature. However, camping with dogs is not always the right choice. Before you decide to bring your dog,  make sure that the camp you are considering allows dogs already. Many parks and national parks. Do not allow dogs. Most importantly, learn how to spend a wonderful time while camping

be ready

Emergencies not only occur near the house; it can also occur while traveling with your dog. Advance planning can make these emergencies less stressful. Before the trip, make a list of the veterinary hospitals in your area, along with a map. If your dog shows sudden signs of illness, this list will help save your dog’s life. Before you leave for your trip, make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. Use this list as a guide during filling. Add your own personal touch as needed.


  • Rest stop lists and veterinary hospitals along your journey (if you are driving)
  • List of veterinary hospitals near your location
  • Crate or dog house
  • bond
  • Water and bowls
  • Dog Food
  • Treats
  • One or two toys
  • Blankets and / or dog beds
  • Bags for picking up waste
  • First aid kit
  • Personal hygiene kits, if necessary
  • Medicines, if any
  • Medical records of your dog (including vaccine history)
  • Health Certificate (obtained from your veterinarian)



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