[LOOK] How to travel with your dog

Car travel

Usually, a car is the best way to travel with dogs. If you own a car, it is possible that the dog has ridden it on trips to veterinarians, gardeners and so on. If not, it’s time to start. Some dogs have a concern about riding cars. The more positive your dog’s experiences in cars are, the more likely they are to enjoy them.

If the dog rides the car only at the veterinarian’s visit, and he hates the veterinarian, his concern is understandable. Try taking him for a short, repetitive car ending in the garden or dog supply store (where he will get a toy or treatment) or somewhere else nice. If the dog does not adapt to the car, then the road trip is not a good option. If you must bring your dog on a long drive, ask your veterinarian about possible anti-anxiety medications that can make the trip easier for everyone. Otherwise, you should look for other options. Remember that medications should be used sparingly.

If you decide that your dog can handle a long car trip, make sure you take all necessary safety precautions for the car.

Plans in advance

The plot stops all the way while traveling with your dog, and plans to stop every 3-5 hours to allow your dog to loosen himself, drink water and extend his legs (depending on your dog’s needs). Make a list of the many veterinary hospitals that are easily accessible on your way, preferably within an hour’s drive from any given point. Verify that they will be open as you travel. Consider a list of things to bring while riding:

  • Rest lists and veterinary hospitals
  • bond
  • Dog seat belt or crate/kennel
  • Water and bowls
  • Treats
  • One or two toys
  • Blanket and / or dog beds
  • Bags for picking up waste
  • Medicines, if any
  • Your dog’s medical records

Hotels and dogs

If you are staying at a hotel while traveling with your dog, cover all your bases in advance. A pet-friendly hotel is more than a pet-friendly hotel. It’s the one that welcomes them. Some hotels offer private dog beds, a turndown service (down to the pillow), spa services for dogs and daycare for dogs. Ask about the amenities available to your dog, but remember to know the cost involved. Numerous inns charge a non-refundable pet store upon the appearance, at that point a day by day pet expense. Some even tack on special cleaning fees. Bottom line, before you choose, do your search for pet-friendly hotels.


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