5 Common Scams in the geographical region
While the geographical region is usually quite safe, there square measure still a couple of common travel scams. Here square measure four of the foremost common scams — and the way you’ll avoid obtaining fooled by them!

1. The Taxi/Tuk-tuk Overcharge
This is one in all the foremost common travel scams out there — you’ll encounter it all across the geographical region. Either the motive force can tell you the taxi meter is broken and check out to charge you a high rate, or you’ll see the price on the meter skyrocket quicker than Superman!

For tuk-tuks, you’ll have to be compelled to discuss earlier, as a result of drivers can quote a worth abundant above what the ride ought to price. To avoid being ripped off, you’ll 1st have to be compelled to shrewdness abundant your ride ought to price. the most effective thanks to figuring this out are to raise your hostel or edificeworkers for a quote, therefore, you have got a frame of reference (or google it, if you’re simply arriving).

If the motive force tries to barter the speed with you, supply them the right rate. If they refuse, simply leave and realize somebody United Nations agency can place the meter on. (Then, if the meter looks to be growing too quickly, have them head and obtain out.)

Many commercial enterprise boards allow you to report dangerous cab drivers, therefore make certain to invariably build the attention of their ID variety after you get within the cab.

2. motorcycle Scam 
Southeast Asia could be a good spot to rent a scooter or motorbike and obtain off the overwhelmed path. however, there’s a typical scam you’ll wish to remember of.

Here’s however it goes: You’ll rent a motorcycle so after you bring it back, the owner can demand an extra payment or overpriced repairs as a result of there’s some “damage” you didn’t fathom. typically the owner can send somebody to mess with the bike or steal it, therefore, you have got to pay.

To avoid this, take photos of the bike 1st to document any previous harm. Go around it with the owner so that they recognize what you’re taking photos of.

Once you rent it, use your own lock and keep the bike out of sight and off main streets after you park it.

Also, invariably confirm you get travel insurance, therefore, you’ll build a claim if there’s a difficulty.

3. Your Attraction is Closed for Lunch 
I admit I actually have fallen for this one before. A friendly native can approach you and inform you that the attraction you would like to go to (often a temple) is closed for any variety of reasons (religious ceremony, holiday, etc.).

They’ll then attempt to guide you to a special attraction (or usually a shop), wherever you’re heavily pressured to buy one thing or pay a high entrance fee.

To avoid this scam, make certain to raise your accommodation workers before you permit to substantiate that the attraction is open. Then realize the most entrance or price tag counter and see for yourself. gap and shutting times square measure nearly always offered on-line too, therefore you’ll usually look them up simply to be safe.

Generally speaking, most attractions in the geographical region don’t shut for lunch. They either shut for the day or not in any respect.

4. The Drug Deal Gone dangerous
This scam is common anyplace there’s a celebration in a geographical region. You’ll be during a fashionable tourerspace (usually a celebration place) and somebody can provide you with medication.

If you say affirmative before you recognize it, a true cop is {will be|are planning to be|are} on the scene! They’ll insist that they’re going to arrest you unless you’ll pay a hefty fine right there (i.e., a bribe).

Caught guilty, you’ll in all probability pay the bribe instead of head to jail. merely put: Don’t obtain medication in different countries!

5. The Taxi Scam 
Only use taxis that use a meter. If the meter is outrigged or they refuse to use it, simply get out and realize a replacement taxi (more on this below!).

Is Food Safe in Southeast Asia?
If the food weren’t safe here, I’d probably ne’er return. Street food is nearly invariably safe (it’s necessary to the cultures of the locals). In fact, it’s sometimes safer than restaurants, as a result of the operation is therefore easy and also the turnover therefore quick.

When trying to find somewhere to eat, realize an area with a crowd, also joined with kids — if folks assume it’s safe for the youngsters, then it’s safe for you! anyplace with plenty of individuals (specifical locals) could be a sensitive indicator that the food is each sensible and safe.

Be sure to scrub your hands before feeding (hand sanitizer is sweet for that), as you’ll probably are out and regarding all day and should have picked up all forms of germs.

Can You Drink the faucet Water in Southeast Asia?
The tap water in the geographical region can vary from country to country, however, as a general rule, I’d not suggest you drink the water unless you have got a water apparatus just like the Lifestraw or Steripen.

Are Taxis Safe in Southeast Asia?
Taxis in {southeast asia|Southeast Asia|geographical square measurea|geographic area|geographical region|geographic region} are safe — however, they even have a name for overcharging (see above) or taking longer routes to dive up the fare.

Always confirm your driver is mistreatment the meter (and that the meter isn’t moving excessively quickly). If you encounter a drag, merely get out and realize a replacement taxi.

A better possibility is Grab or Uber (depending on wherever you are). You’ll be able to see your driver, track your ride, and build complaints if you have got a drag. It’s the most effective thanks to getting around, once offered.

Is geographical region Safe for Solo Travelers?
Southeast Asia is one in all the most effective places within the world for solo travelers. There square measure tons visiting the region every and each year, several of them traveling solo for the primary time (it’s nice for each new and veteran travelers alike).

With a bit of good judgment, a solo soul won’t have to be compelled to worry abundant regarding safety here. there’s a well-worn packer path, therefore you’ll ne’er be aloof from different travelers. which means it’s simple to satisfy folks just in case you choose you’d rather travel during a cluster for a few (or all) of your trip.

Is geographical region Safe for Solo feminine Travelers?
Female travelers have extra safety issues they have to remember. That being aforesaid, the geographical region remains one in all the most effective (and most safe) regions for solo feminine travel.

By following the ideas higher than, also because the same precautions you’d build reception (such as not wandering alone at the hours of darkness intoxicated, keeping an eye fixed on your drink whereas at the bar, etc.), a solo feminine soul are able to have an incredible visit to geographical region without fear an excessive amount of regarding her safety.

And as mentioned higher than, with such a large amount of solo travelers — as well as many ladies — within the region, it’s simple to seek out others to pay time among case you’re feeling insecure or unsafe.

Should You Visit Southeast Asia?
So, is geographical region safe?


It’s super unlikely that something can happen. And even less therefore if you follow the recommendation listed higher than.

Be sure to induce travel insurance simply just in case one thing goes wrong. The past isn’t prologued and you usually wish to play it safe. Travel insurance was thereafter I lost my bag, stone-broke my camera, Associate in Nursingd popped a tympanic membrane whereas diving in Siam. I ne’er expected those things to happen and was glad I had insurance! you’ll use the gadget below to appear up the travel insurance that’s right for you (or simply click here to travel to their web site directly):


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