Southeast Asia is one in all the foremost fashionable regions within the world for backpackers and budget travelers. It’s home to a well-worn travel path that dates back to the Sixties and ’70s, stretching across Siam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Singapore.

I’ve been visiting the world frequently since 2004 (I even spent a couple of years living in Thailand). It very well has one thing for everyone: active cities, delicious food, spectacular diving, many out of doors activities, historic sites — the list goes on.

Best of all? It’s budget-friendly!

But is geographical region safe?

That’s a matter I purchase asked usually, particularly by solo travelers (or their upset families).

Generally speaking, the geographical region is implausibly safe. In fact, it’s one in all the safest regions within the world.

You aren’t planning to very face any physical danger, and it’s rare to even get robbed or mugged. folks square measure nice, respectful, and friendly.

That said, here’s everything you would like to understand to remain safe in Southeast Asia!
11 ways to remain Safe in the geographical region
Staying safe in a geographical region doesn’t take plenty of labor. geographical region is Associate in Nursingimplausibly safe place to backpack and travel – notwithstanding you’re traveling solo, and whilst a solo feminine soul. Violent attacks square measure is rare. There square measure some common scams around, just like motorcycle scam wherever vendors attempt to charge you for harm to their bike, except for the foremost half, this is often a secure place to travel. folks square measure nice and useful and you’re unlikely to induce into hassle. The people that do tend to be involved drinking or medication or sex commercial enterprise. keep one’s eyes off from that stuff and you’ll be fine. That said, here square measure eleven ways to make sure nothing goes to happen on your trip:

1. watch for purse-snatchers – Purse-snatching is rare, however, it will happen. To avoid the foremost common kinds of thievery, don’t wear your purse or bag over only 1 shoulder — instead, wear it across the front of your body. Also, several purse-snatchers are on a scooter, therefore take explicit caution once walking aboard traffic.

2. Be further careful in traffic – Most injuries in {southeast asia|Southeast Asia|geographical square measurea|geographic area|geographical region|geographic region} are caused by vehicles. Be particularly careful walking in agitated cities like the capital of Vietnam or if you’re driving (especially scooters).

3. Don’t have – medication like marijuana square measure simply accessible in a geographical region (especially in party locations, just like the phase of the moon Party). however {they square measure|they’re} illegal! Fines are serious — and if you get caught, expect to pay time in jail or pay a hefty bribe. Save yourself the trouble and don’t do any medication whereas you’re within the region.

4. Wear a helmet – If you’re a transaction or riding a scooter or motorcycle, make certain to wear a helmet. Also, wear correct vesture and footwear. I’ve seen plenty of road rash throughout my time in Southeast Asia!

5. Look out for bedbugs – sadly, bedbugs square measure reality in the geographical region. although rare, you may probably encounter them at some purpose if you’re traveling around the region for any length of your time. invariably check your accommodation earlier. If it’s dirty, merely advance. Also, ne’er place your backpack on your bed. That way, if the bed is contaminated, a minimum of your backpack won’t even be contaminated.

6. Bring a lock – whereas thievery in hall rooms is rare, you don’t wish to require any possibilities. Hostels nearly always have lockers offered. Bring a lock, therefore, you’ll store your possessions safe whereas you’re out and regarding.

7. Hide your valuables – once you’re out exploring, keep your billfold and valuables hidden in your backpack (or leave them favored up in your accommodation). Carry some benefit your pockets, however, keep your cards and different valuables out of reach. Most thievery is timeserving, therefore if you’re open-eyed, you’ll don’t have anything to fret about!

8. Don’t party solo – confirm if you’re out partying that you simply couple with friends or folks you’ll trust. Don’t get therefore drunk that you simply can’t get home safely. (If you’re participating within the phase of the moon party in Siam, you’ll realize specific safety tips during this diary post.)

9. Keep your passport – ne’er expose your passport as a deposit once booking things like accommodation or rentals. invariably confirm your savvy back, as an alternative you would possibly not see it once more. (And make certain to stay a digital scan of your passport in your email inbox simply just in case.)

10. keep one’s eyes off from animals – Stray dogs (as well as monkeys) usually carry diseases, like madness(which may be fatal). To avoid obtaining bitten, don’t pet stray dogs or wild monkeys.

11. obtain travel insurance – whereas the geographical reion is usually safe, surprising incidents will still occur. cowl yourself by shopping for travel insurance. it’s the potential to avoid wasting you thousands of bucks whereas additionally providing you with peace of mind. I ne’er leave home while not it!


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